Friday, January 31, 2020

Public School vs. Private School Essay Example for Free

Public School vs. Private School Essay Are there any sentences that could be revised or restated? or anything that can make this sound a bit better? never mind the grammar and spelling. There are many reasons private schools are academically superior to public schools. There are vast differences between both public and private schools. Public school is controlled by the government. Public schools dont charge tuition and accepts all children by law. They are financed through the federal, state and local taxes; functioning as part of the government and must adhere to the regulations by politicians. Thus, they can be greatly influenced by the political winds. Private schools are not administered by the government and are operated by private individuals. Unlike public school, they operate on student’s tuition and have different admissions requirements. Private schools accept students according to its academic standards but, generally private school students meet or exceed the standards of public school students. However, there are many advantages and disadvantages of both types of schools. Among the benefits of private school, private schools students generally have smaller class sizes and a lower student to teacher ratio. Children wil have more individualized attention and will allow more opportunities for access to instructors. Students would have better performance and brighter children can be challenged by harder lessons. They usually have more challenging curriculum. Students are also motivated to have better performance because private schooling requires tuition. Private schools also have more events and activities due to their small school sizes. Parents would have more opportunities to get involved with their childrens education. Private school students can benefit from the flexible teacher methods. Private school arent as tailored in rules as public schools. So, lesson teaching methods can vary greatly. Another aspect of private schools superiority is they offer specialized classes and courses beyond the basics. that students are expected. While, public schools only teach general and common studies that would be required for future life. Private schools cater specialized classes like religious teachings. Private schools are stricter in rules and behavior including a school code dress uniform. The stricter classroom rules provides a better learning environment and results in a better education. Also, private school teachers usually hold advanced degrees and tend to be  experts in their field. Typically, private schools have newer facilities and materials such as older textbooks, sports equipment. However, there are also some benefits of public schools that private students don’t have. There are disadvantages in private schools while there are benefits. Private schools are usually composed of students from very similar backgrounds and economic states Therefore, the lack of diversity and in-exposure to different people of economic backgrounds can lower their communication and social skills. Public school education also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Its educational disadvantages compared to private school students are by far. Public schools have larger class sizes and more students. So, students would have less individualized attention. Public schools are required to follow a heavy set of rules, restricting them to different methods of teaching. The state determined teaching methods may not be the best methods in teaching students on certain subjects. Public schools can be affected by the economy and decisions made by politicians. Another big difference is that public schools are required to educate all children by law and cant deny any student. Admitting all sorts of children into classrooms causes higher chances of disturbance. Its diversity may also cause higher chances of bullying and violence. Public school facilities and materials are typically older. The drop out rates in public schools are usually lower than private students. But, there are social benefits of being a public school student. The public school system is diverse with people from a variety of backgrounds. The students are more exposed to people from different social economic backgrounds and can teach children to get along with one another regardless of the differences. It can improve communication and social skills. Another advantage is that they are financed through the governmental don’t charge tuition. Students are also provided with transportation and all teachers are certified educational instructors. There are upsides and downsides of both school systems. The benefits of private school education exceeds public school benefits. The lower student to teacher ratio in private schools can encourage students to learn and provide more challenging courses for the advanced students. The safer learning environments with less bullying can improve concentration.

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